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MUSIC SCARE SHEET: Hanlon's Halloween horrors

The Chordettes' 1950s smash hit, Mr. Sandman is sooooo.... innocent it's chilling.

The Chordettes' 1950s smash hit, Mr. Sandman is sooooo.... innocent it's chilling.


Creating a playlist for your Halloween night is as easy as ever. Here is my spooky playlist:


This song has always freaked me out. The rebellion song released in 1974 as part of the rock band's Crime of the Century album is one of the best examples of rock/jazz fusion out there and is bound to add some edge to your Halloween night without killing any groovy vibes. It has everything you want in a creepy rock song: a solo harmonica opening, children heard faintly playing in the distance and a slow tempo that gradually picks up into a heartpounding piano frenzied climax. I am 'shook'just thinking of it.


Different songs, same name, more than 20 years apart, this is really two suggestions in one but you're going to want to listen to both. Who doesn't love the idea of flesh-eating She-Wolf terrorizing men on Halloween night? Figuratively, of course! Start with the upbeat but emo, sax-filled tune by Daryl Hall and John Oates: "Watch out boy she'll chew you up/Oh here she comes/She's a Maneater" and move into the heavy-hitting, dark dance track from Canadian songbird Nelly Furtado "Maneater, make you work hard/make you spend hard/make you want all of her love."


The original Mr. Sandman performed by The Chordettes is a 50s pop song that is so wholesome its use in Halloween II created a juxtaposition that has given people nightmares for years. Canadian singer and actress Nan Vernon gives a dark and hauntingly beautiful rendition of Mr. Sandman for Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween II that recreates the track once more.


The beefy jazz song from the institution that is the Pres Hall Jazz Band is spooky but not too scary for some kids coming by for candy. Rattlin' Bones comes from the 2013 album, That's It, which has represented New Orleans jazz for over 50 years with rotating musicians and projects. The way the trumpet wails, on Rattlin' Bones will have you swaying back and forth and tapping your toes while you trick-or-treat!


Not only did John Carpenter write and direct the classic film Halloween, he also composed and performed its entire soundtrack. The legendary director gives his musical score all the credit for making Halloween the terrifying pop culture phenomena it is. Each track represents a different scene in the film and they are even more chilling when played on their own - the repetitive and seemingly never-ending keyboard notes leave you with a feeling that SOMETHING is juuuust about to happen. Just try walking home with The Shape Lurks or Michael Kills Judith playing in your earbuds - I dare you! Carpenter fans in Toronto can see him perform some of his most iconic music from his latest project, Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998, at the Danforth Music Hall Nov. 12. The album includes some of Carpenter's most popular scores, including songs from Halloween, The Fog, Christine, Prince of Darkness and more.


We can now call the King of Pop the King of Halloween. This album contains 13 spooky hits from the legend himself - including Thriller, Scream, Somebody's Watching Me and This Place Hotel - just to name a few. Hit play on this album at your Halloween bash tonight and you will be more popular than Dirty Diana. Scream includes the bonus track, Blood on the Dance Floor X Dangerous, a five-song mash-up from the acclaimed remixer The White Panda that is sure to have people blaming it on the boogie. The Estate of Michael Jackson also released a one-hour-long animated Halloween special Friday night (Oct.27) on CBS to highlight that MJ always loved Halloween.