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TV CHEAT SHEET: Are you missing The Brave?

Denette Wilford says missing The Brave is a capital crime. Get watching! NBC

Denette Wilford says missing The Brave is a capital crime. Get watching! NBC


**WARNING: Some content may contain spoilers


The Brave

Look, I know most of you are watching The Good Doctor - and I get it. Freddie Highmore is absolutely breathtaking and it's a great show that happens to air in the same timeslot (Mondays at 10 p.m.). Or maybe you've mistaken it for David Boreanaz's series, airing on a network that seems more fitting for a military drama. But The Brave is even better - and deserves to be seen. Not only is the NBC/Global show riveting, action-packed, realistic, and boasts a likable, ethnically diverse cast but it also doesn't rely on a high-concept hook to reel viewers in. It's the elite Special Ops squad - led by Mike Vogel's Dalton - tasked with undercover missions that commands your attention as they get the job done with slickness that is impressive yet believable. They also work hand-in-hand with a team on the ground, helmed by Anne Heche's Director Campbell. The tactical operations are nothing short of stellar and are fascinating to watch but it's the team and their realistic, unmistakable bond that will have you on the edge of your seat week after week. Don't let this show get cancelled. Give it a shot; you won't be disappointed.


Stranger Things

The long-awaited return of Netflix's hit show returns today - and if you're hard core, you're already knee-deep in the Upside Down yet again. But while there are some hiccups in Season 2 (honestly, though, it was never going to be as good as the first run), it is still irresistible television. There are new characters that fit right in with the favourites, some of whom (yes, Lucas, Dustin and Steve) get fleshed out a little more. And don't worry, the banter and one-liners remain intact. A year has passed since the events of last season, and where the focus then was on El, this time around it's Will who is the centre of the narrative as he continues to be haunted by what happened - and what might be coming. The tension is at an all-time high but it isn't until about the halfway point where things really start to pick up. If you're a binge-racer, you already S.W.A.T. know that. But for those who aren't nit-picky and simply want their favourite throwback show back, don't fret. Season 2 will entertain you - even if you're watching from behind a pillow - though it just might leave you hanging with even more questions than when it all began. Premieres: Friday, October 27 on Netflix CASTING CALL Madam Secretary For all of you Grey's Anatomy fans hoping Callie Torres would be back in the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial, and in the bed of Arizona Robbins, it's not happening anytime soon. That's because Sara Ramirez is joining the cast of Madam, beginning Sunday, Nov. 19. CBS announced that the actress will be playing Kat Sandoval, "a brilliant political strategist, legendary in D.C. for her talent and for abruptly dropping out of politics until Elizabeth manages to coax her back into the State Department." So, a badass - right up Ramirez's alley. And perfect to work alongside Téa Leoni's Secretary of State. Can't wait to see these two slaying it together.


A predictable procedural from CBS? Quel surprise. Really, though, it's the network's bread and butter so if it ain't broke, why change the channel? It's based on the '70s series and movie remake but in the 2017 version, it gets a little more political. In the wake of a shooting, team member Hondo (Shemar Moore) is put in charge of his S.W.A.T. unit as a way for the LAPD to smooth over the situation between the "black and blue." Yes, that's the kind of writing you can expect from the series but if all you're expecting is an attractive team of officers taking down bad guys, S.W.A.T. will suit you just fine. For Criminal Minds fans, it's as if Derek Morgan was plucked right out of the BAU and plopped down here. Because make no mistake, this is Shemar's show and he makes for a compelling lead. And while he's not given any heavy lifting in the dialogue department (no one is), he looks and acts like the rebellious hero he's supposed to be. There's potential though, as long as the writing improves.

Premieres: Thursday, November 2 on Global and



It debuted where all hotly anticipated new shows start: Monday nights. It was then replaced by recently revived Timeless in its second season and transplanted to Wednesdays. Now entering its third season, it moves to the dead zone: Friday nights. And unless you're a show on CBS, then Blindspot's chances of sticking around are slim to none. What I don't get is why. Blindspot may not have had the greatest of ratings last year but it's entering Season 3 on a high - and in a new direction, thanks to that time-jump when Jane's body started glowing. Weller found wife (!!!) Jane, who was living with a group of monks in the mountains (OK, that was a little much) to inform her that Patterson, Reade and Zapata have been kidnapped and he needed her help to find them. With no shortage of story for the series, this could be Blindspot's best season yet. But NBC needs to put it in a better timeslot to highlight that; Blindspot deserves that. But whether it wraps up with a bang or gets more life - on a different, better night - all depends on the network. Hey NBC, how about sacrificing one of the Chicago shows, or SVU? Their viewers will follow; Blindspot fans have been dicked around enough.

Premieres: Friday, October 27 on CTV and NBC


Here are the national numbers from October 2-8, 2017: 1. The Big Bang Theory (CTV) 2. The Good Doctor (CTV) 3. Survivor (Global) 4. NCIS (Global) 5. HNIC Prime East (CBC) 6. Grey's Anatomy (CTV) 7. Bull (Global) 8. Blue Bloods (Global) 9. Designated Survivor (CTV) 10. This Is Us (CTV) *Based on final audience data including sevenday playback from Numeris


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