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TIFF 17: Rachel times two and Nicholas Cage walk 'Disobedience' red carpet

By Jane Stevenson, Postmedia Network

There were two Rachels Sunday night on the TIFF red carpet for Disobedience, which stars Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams as childhood friends who rekindle their romance in London’s Orthodox Jewish community.

Weisz is a single photographer living in New York who crosses the pond when her rabbi father dies and McAdams is married to his soon-to-be successor (Alessandro Nivola).

Chilean director-cowriter Sebastian Lelio, who adapted it from Naomi Alderman’s novel, said with two lead actresses named Rachel, it could be confusing on the set at times, but he didn’t mind.

“It was a bit of a confusion. It was funny when I was trying to talk to one Rachel and I meant the other one, so they both turned,” said Lelio, who didn’t give them nicknames.

“So with patience it was Rachel and Rachel.”

Otherwise, Lelio who co-wrote the script, described the movie as “a forbidden love story ... and that creates a great commotion in the community.”

He said Weisz was involved from the beginning as an actress and producer and then he cast the other Rachel.

“I really thought that Rachel McAdams was the perfect counterpart. They’re different and similar in a certain way so I just felt that they were going to have great, great chemistry and a great energy was going to come out of the artistic bubble that we were going to have on screen.”

One random filmgoer spotted on the red carpet was Nicholas Cage who ran past the waiting cameras and reporters as did all of the actors after doing a few interviews at the front of the line.