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The screams of a thousand teenage girls could be heard blocks away from last night's iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards (MMVAs) in Toronto. At the epicentre of it all was a hot pink carpet that played runway to a slew of Victoria's Secret models, YouTube stars, actors, athletes and music artists.

Unlike the formal red carpets of most awards shows, the outdoor carpet encourages a more laid-back vibe and over-the-top entrances.

Top trends included sheer fabrics, '70s-inspired cuts and all-white outfits.

Then, of course, there was a Marilyn Monroe-inspired rock star in a birthday cake. As always, some stars looked stunning while others are going to want to untag themselves from cringe-worthy photos of the event. Here are the 10 best, worst and on-the-fence looks of the night.


Patrick Langlois The novice MMVA pink carpet host didn't disappoint in a fitted navy suit with tiny head-to-toe white polka dots.

Finished off with a crisp white pocket square and his blond hair slicked to one side, Langlois looked like Canada's Ryan Seacrest-in-training.

Shay Mitchell,

The Pretty Little Liars star, stunned in a sheer white jumpsuit and clean ponytail paired with an elegant white clutch and white open-toe shoes. A deep V-neck showed just the right amount of skin. The breezy effect was absolutely angelic - even if her on-screen character is anything but.

Marianas Trench

The MMVAs are all about having a great time and making a memorable entrance. Marianas Trench lived up to their reputation for eccentricity, looking scrumptious in a wardrobe consisting of a birthday cake, colourful balloon bouquets and one whip cream bikini with cherries for nipples to celebrate their 10th appearance at the awards.

Dove Cameron

To borrow an expression from teens these days, Dove Cameron absolutely slayed in a long-sleeve baby pink mini-dress embellished with embroidered florals and colourful jewels. Her pink ruffles and bell sleeves managed to be feminine without looking sickly sweet - a difficult feat to pull off.


Martha Hunt

The Victoria's Secret model kept things modest in an offthe-shoulder, oversized black blouse and '70s-style black bell bottoms. She looked effortless elegant but wearing an all-black outfit on a high-energy hot pink carpet just seemed out of place. The MMVAs are the place to flaunt what your mama gave you and Hunt missed the chance.

Joe Jonas

The heartthrob looked as handsome as ever, but missed the mark on the carpet. His traditional navy suit and red button-up shirt featuring a skull print looked like he couldn't decide whether to look preppy or punk and ended up with the worst of both worlds. Time to get a new stylist.


The rest of Jonas'band members didn't have a personality crisis. They went full punk in loud, mismatched prints, fishnets and wrestling shorts worn over ruby red velvet bell bottoms. They get huge points for dressing in the spirit of the MMVAs but earn a spot on the fence for being epic eyesores.


Nikki Bella

The Total Divas star sure grabbed attention in an almost see-through dress that featured both a deep V-neckline and sky-high front slit. She needed to choose one or the other, not jump on the extreme skinbaring trend.

Iggy Azalea

Azalea looked like Kim Kardashian before Kanye gave her a fashion makeover in a candy pink dress so tight even the star admitted she was afraid it might bust open at any second. Her dress looked tacky and desperate for a few Instagram likes.


Was that flaming red mess on top of Lights'head her real hair or a wig? If you even have to ask, you know it's not a good look. Paired with a jersey dress in the shade of "blah" with symmetrical hip-high slits, she looked more like an extra escaped from the set of Mad Max than a successful musical artist.