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Fans peaking over return of Twin Peaks


This image released by Showtime shows Madchen Amick, left, and Peggy Lipton in a scene from "Twin Peaks."

This image released by Showtime shows Madchen Amick, left, and Peggy Lipton in a scene from "Twin Peaks."

24 Hours dug deep to find out what Twin Peaks superfans are most excited to see from the long-awaited follow-up. Here’s what they had to say:

Ben Durant, East Hampton, Massachusetts, Host of Twin Peaks Unwrapped podcast

I don’t think of the new Twin Peaks as a reboot but rather, as a continuation, but I could be wrong. With the show ending with his evil double taking his place in the real world, and the good Dale Cooper stuck in another place called the Black Lodge, I am most excited to see what happened to Cooper – and if can he be saved! I really love the mythology of the show and how it is so unpredictable, so I hope to see more of that unpredictability.

Suzanne Sayavong, Calgary, Alberta

I’m excited for absolutely all of it — the whole Twin Peaks universe. But mostly, I’m excited for the fashion. I cannot wait to see all the cool outfits they have come up with!

Kylie Monacelli, Buffalo, New York

I hope they fill us in on what happened to Agent Cooper. I also hope they bring back the strange dreams. Agent Cooper’s signature coffee scenes are a plus. Also, what happened to Heather Graham’s short-lived character? I especially love Audrey and her femme fatale character. They have to keep the ’90s fashion and style — it is a huge part of the show’s charm. Most of all, I just want to see that original signature music returns.

Myriam Hoskins, Lynden, Washington

I’m most excited to find out what happened to Agent Dale Cooper and hope someone realizes BOB is inside. I’m also very excited to see all the characters again and find out what their lives turn out to be 25 years later. I was 20 years old in Paris when I saw it live on TV the first time and there was a huge Twin Peaks following in France and Europe. Now, I am in Washington — the Twin Peaks State! – it’s so weird.

Scott Bates, Toronto, Ontario

I hope to see as many of the original characters as possible. I love Mädchen Amick’s (the actor currently making waves in the hit CW series Riverdale) character, Shelly Johnson the diner waitress, and I cannot wait to see where she is all these years later. I’m also excited for the music. The original soundtrack to Twin Peaks was iconic — I even have it on my phone, so I really hope it captures the same eerie musical vibe.

Marianne Dudley, Chattanooga, Tennessee

I hope they recapture that soul-gripping level of production that drew us all in the first time. It may be hard for those not around for the original to understand how strange it was and how that strangeness captivated you. To those watching for the first time now, I’m sure it will seem dated but it seemed that way then! It was like watching a show about a people living in a land that time forgot. But the show didn’t evoke Happy Days nostalgia. It was like being able to visit the town where Norman Bates’ mother owned her hotel. So being able to recapture that surrealism will be the true test.