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Arisa Cox's Big Brother Canada report card and finale preview

By Nelson Branco, 24 Hrs

Arisa Cox from Big Brother Canada. (Photo courtesy of Corus/Global)

Arisa Cox from Big Brother Canada. (Photo courtesy of Corus/Global)


I think Season 5 is in the enviable position of living up to – without a shadow of a doubt – all the hype. This season has slayed because of an incredible cast, stunning comps, brilliant twists and a creative team with the highest standards.

There has not been one dull week. No matter the outcome tonight, I can confidently agree that this is the best BBCan season to date and it’s no surprise this season is being showered with praise.


Absolutely! Two women. Two men. Two Vets. Two Newbies. They range in age from 24-53! Demetres, Ika, Kevin and Karen are phenomenal for different reasons, but each player has brought incredible strategic prowess, insight, game smarts, humour and heart to the table. Even when they’ve made huge mistakes, each of their journeys has been thrilling to watch.


Pre-jury Cassandra and Gary in back-to-back evictions.Ultimately, I believe it was their reputations as amazing gamers that brought them down, over anything they had or hadn’t done this season.


Some casts need a twistier season. Not this year. The personalities were so strong and the strategy was operating at such a high level that less was definitely more.


The Jury Roundtable will knock your socks off (or ‘snatch your edges,’ as it were)! But the whole two hours will be jam-packed. We begin with one of the most epic HOH comps we’ve ever pulled off, resulting in our Final 2.

We’re looking back at all the highlights of a fantastic season, getting to see all the houseguests together in one place and watching as the jury chooses a worthy winner for an awesome season.

Can’t wait!


Our stylist Lisa Williams has knocked it out of the park this season!

I absolutely loved my bespoke silver suit dress from the premiere (GOTSTYLE), my striped sequinned two-piece (Alice + Olivia), my Tina Turner-esque fringed out LBD (NARCES), my shattered mirror look (outHERE) and my vivid fuchsia sheath (Greta Constantine).

But stay tuned for tonight! I love sci-fi and I’ll be rocking a Space Boss look for the ages!

The two-hour finale of Big Brother Canada begins at 7 p.m. on Global.