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ARISA COX: Insider's look at Neda's BBCAN exit

Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox takes a look at Neda's shocking exit. GLOBAL

Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox takes a look at Neda's shocking exit. GLOBAL


Miss a week, miss a lot. Here's my exclusive Postmedia Network rewind and preview before Big Brother Canada's Wednesday and Thursday episodes.

STRATEGIC MOVE OF THE WEEK: A legend is backdoored!

For weeks, one dominant alliance "The Six" - containing some of the best strategic minds in BBCAN history - cut through the game like a knife through butter. We had just seen them take out iconic players Cassandra and Gary - and it looked like they ran the world.

However, during the double eviction episode, the power shifted and the house blew up in the most spectacular way. The fallout was like Christmas for fans, no matter who you were rooting for. It all came to a head after Jackie won the Power of Veto, allowing her to take herself off the block. Head of Household Sindy, a member of "The Six," was now presented with the opportunity to blindside a big player. Sindy's dilemma: Ika or Neda? Both are legends, alphas and ruthless. Both commanded tremendous power throughout the first half of the game, and though all three powerhouse women were part of the same alliance, it was clear one had to go. Titans Neda and Ika traded shots and locked horns, with Sindy squarely in the middle. Sindy's only other option was a safe renomination - but as most of us know, she's no stranger to big moves and flawless blindsides.

FAVE MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Hostess interruptus!

When I asked Sindy who her replacement nom was going to be, she paused as if the world stood still. No one - from the houseguests to the massive crowd in the studio and the fans watching at home or me - knew what she was going to say. Struggling, Sindy didn't seem to, either. With time running out, and as the host, I needed an answer. "I don't know if I can do this," she cried out. I answered, "You can ... and you will." And boom: Sindy nominated Neda! The crowd exploded as Neda was evicted 7-1. With one fell swoop, Sindy had ended the dreams of one of the best players we had ever seen. And now, if you're studying for finals or dreading doing your taxes, just think of my advice and you'll get it done!


Dillon scored HOH and nominated Jackie and Demetres.

Who will win POV tonight?

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