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$5Gs reward offered in hunt for dog's abuser

By Jenny Yuen, Toronto Sun


An animal rights group is putting up $5,000 to make sure Frankie’s abuser is brought to justice.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) announced Wednesday it’s offering the reward for information leading to the conviction of the person responsible for starving the little poodle and leaving it to die on Christmas Eve. Its mouth had been bound shut with an elastic band.

“We offer rewards when we think that with a little incentive, someone will come forward with information ... before these criminals go on to commit other violent crimes,” PETA investigations specialist Colin Henstock said.

“In this case — with this dog — people who are capable of abusing an animal to this extent, rarely only do it once.”

Frankie was found by a Good Samaritan on Dec. 24 at Rouge River Dr. and Jaguar St. in the city’s east end and taken to a veterinary emergency clinic.

The apricot-coloured poodle is thought to be one or two years old and was clearly distressed, as the band had cut deeply into the flesh of the dog’s muzzle. It is now in the care of a foster home and will likely require surgery.

Toronto Animal Services (TAS) said while it provided a photo of Frankie to PETA for the campaign, the municipal agency is working with Toronto Police in the ongoing animal abuse investigation.

“Toronto Animal Services’ focus is on ensuring that Frankie heals and ends up in a home where he is treated properly,” said TAS bylaw enforcement manager Mary Lou Leiher. “We are continuing to investigate this case and hope to find out who is responsible. We are appreciative for the support from the many people and organizations who have helped to spread the word about Frankie.”