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24 Hours With Matthew Rhys

By Sean Fitzgerald, 24 Hrs

The Wine Show, which airs on Gusto, features hosts Matthew Goode (left) and Matthew Rhys.

The Wine Show, which airs on Gusto, features hosts Matthew Goode (left) and Matthew Rhys.

Before Welsh actor Matthew Rhys started hosting The Wine Show, which airs Sundays on Gusto, he had “a great love and very little knowledge” of the wonderful beverage. Rhys, who also stars in The Americans with girlfriend Keri Russell, spends much of The Wine Show learning about the people and stories behind the world’s most captivating wines with his pal Matthew Goode (The Good Wife). Here’s what he told us about the fun series.

It’s not easy to drink wine all day!

I can characterize my Wine Show experience in one word, which is ‘hungover.’ I’ve taken so much grief, flack and hatred from so many people after I say things like, ‘It’s quite hard to get up at 8 a.m. and start drinking wine until 6 p.m.’ I mean, maybe that’s not hard. What’s hard is, A) Trying to come up with different superlatives for every wine, or B) Trying to tell the difference between different wines after around 12 p.m., when all wines taste the same.

Faulty memory

I have very little to no memory of what it was we were supposed to have learned, or any information I should have retained. The problem after doing The Wine Show is that everyone always asks you for so much detailed advice. And I go, ‘I have very little idea of which wine was good wine, which ones we liked, what we were supposed to say about them.’ This new plan, for the next season of The Wine Show, is to take a small notepad, hoping that I’ll be cognitive enough to write down what I think is good. Although, God knows what those notes will look like by the end of the day.

Season 2 on the way?

It’s a definitive possibility. I’ve let my liver recover enough, I think. But there are no updates yet. I know the production company is trying to finalize a country. We’ve thrown our own places at them, like Argentina and California. But there’s nothing definitive yet.

A wine TV series for the everyman

That was the absolute hope of this, to try and demystify wine. I hope we were able to make it more accessible and universal, and demystify it to a greater extent. So, I think that’s why they got two wine monkeys like me and Goode in, because we love it, but we don’t know anything about it, and that’s hopefully a large part of our audience.

What it’s like being a dad

With having a newborn, my appreciation of wine went up about tenfold. The noise of a crying baby comes down about tenfold after a good half bottle of Bordeaux. My life has definitely changed, with all the clichés of how you view the world, and how I’m scorning of people who skateboard too quickly by. I’ve become that guy, already. And I’m like, how did that happen? The other clichés are also indeed true. Apart from a 1942 Margaux, it’s one of the best things you’ll ever experience.

Finally getting an Emmy nom for The Americans

The show was so far along, so we had kind of given up checking the Emmy nominations, until we got so many texts and emails, Keri was like, ‘I think someone’s died, or we may have gotten an Emmy nomination.’ There were so many messages coming in. It was a surprise.