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THE SIX: Roger Mooking's pix!

Roger Mooking makes his pix in The Six. SUBMITTED

Roger Mooking makes his pix in The Six. SUBMITTED


Roger Mooking is a celebrity chef, television host, cookbook author and a Juno Award-winning recording artist. Owner of restaurant Twist by Roger Mooking at Toronto Pearson International Airport, the Trinidadian-born, Canadian-raised chef is no stranger to combining various influences to new and exciting culinary adventures. His television series Man Fire Food joins the newly launched network Cooking Channel Canada every Thursday at 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. ET/PT, exploring inventive ways to cook with fire.

1 Cherry Beach and Tommy Thompson Park (1 Leslie St.) Sometimes when I need to go clear my head I just park my car, look at the water or go for a stroll along the Martin Goodman Trail. Most of the time there is no one around there; the trails and parking lot are almost empty and it’s a little hidden oasis in the city.

2 The Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffles (79 Kensington Ave.) I still love the raw energy of Kensington Market. My Aunt Claire used to shop there religiously for years, and the fondness she felt for this area seems to have not changed much, in spirit, over the years. The Dirty Bird embodies this spirit and I love to order a two-piece chicken and just watch the craziness of Kensington roll by the window.

3 Kohinoor Kitchen Ware (1443 Gerrard St. E.) The hours I have spent in this place picking up all kinds of odds and ends for various restaurant projects, personal shopping and general wasting of time is shocking. Where else can you get a cricket bat, a pressure cooker and a Roti Tawa? It is like the Indian Honest Ed’s. (R.I.P. Honest Ed’s.)

4 Old Chinatown at Broadview and Gerrard: It’s a low-key Spadina with all the same stuff I love about Chinatown — but with less stress. Also, I shot one of my favourite moments from my show opening for Everyday Exotic on this strip, in a very impromptu moment. A lot of memories here.

5 Rosedale Valley Road Any chance I get I drive this route, it feels like driving through an enchanted forest that connects to one of my other favourite routes to move north and south, Bayview Ave. Every time I’m close to finishing an album I always drive this road and it just puts the music in a magical place.

6 Arzon Supermarket (6103 Yonge St.) This place is magical too. They bake fresh flatbreads, make delicious foods of all kinds, grill delicious kabobs and you can pick up all the essential Iranian groceries that any curious food person would ever wish to encounter. It’s truly one of my favourite places in the city, even if you have to arm-wrestle folks for parking.