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ISIS plot to poison ice cream: Police

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Scoops of ice cream are pictured in this file photo. (Getty Images)

Scoops of ice cream are pictured in this file photo. (Getty Images)

A sickening ISIS plot to poison the ice cream of kindergarten students has been thwarted by the German secret service.

The sinister scheme emerged during hearings into two fanatic jihadists who detonated a bomb at a Sikh temple during a wedding. Both men were found guilty.

According to the Daily Star, one of the temple bombing accused, known only as Mohammed O., 17, had planned to sell the poison ice cream.

He would then obliterate himself with a suicide bomb in the midst of the children.

Co-conspirator Yusuf T., 17, and Mohammed built bombs with ingredients, they ordered from Amazon.

"I work as an ice cream man with my ice cream van and sell to many children,” Mohammed asked Yusuf in a note discovered after the two were captured. “May I, following Sharia law, use arsenic or warfarin, or better still strychnine, to kill children?"

He added: "Can I make Istis hadi Amaliya (suicide) in the kindergarten too?"

But then there was the capper when Mohammed asks if he is allowed to, "rape the girls of the enemies of the Prophet Muhammad."

Four were injured in the temple attack and the duo were sentenced to less than three years in prison. Prosecutors hope a new trial Dec. 7 will see higher sentences.

Meanwhile, a former baker-turned-jihadist is telling secrets about the inner workings of the death cult. Walid Ismail, 20, was captured by Kurdish forces.

His verdict? The jihadists are nuts who win converts with threats and promises.

And because ISIS cut off gas for his bakery and with six children to feed, Ismail was forced to work with them.

“All our people supported them and believed that they were right – but in the end we became victims,” the Daily Mail reports.