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Daughter couldn't stop laughing at Miss Butt

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A school classroom is pictured in this file photo. (maroke/Getty Images)

A school classroom is pictured in this file photo. (maroke/Getty Images)

A giggly girl’s fits of laughter at her teacher’s name — Miss Butt — forced her mom to be called in for an emergency meeting at the school.

Priscilla Terumalai of London had already been informed by her daughter Annalise, 7, that she couldn’t stop laughing when she heard the teacher’s name. But the mother-of-two brushed it off, the Daily Mail reports.

At a meeting with Miss Butt, the teacher seemed to dismiss the gaiety her name inspired.

However, several days later, Terumalai was called to a meeting with school brass to answer for the child’s laughter.

“When I received a call from the school, I was appalled at how pathetic and petty it was,” Terumalai told the Mail. “I wasn’t making fun of her name at all. I wasn’t happy about being reported.”

Now, Terumalai wants Annalise to be moved to another class because of the bad feelings. The school isn’t budging, though.

“I felt intimidated in the meeting and they made me feel like I was in the wrong. The school over-reacted and it made me feel really angry,” she said. “It is not good enough. I felt I was treated unfairly because I am putting my trust in the teacher and I am not comfortable with my daughter being in her class now.”

The school said staff members are talking to Terumalai on a regular basis.