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THE SIX: Micheline Wedderburn makes her pix!

Micheline Wedderburn makes her pix in The Six. SUBMITTED

Micheline Wedderburn makes her pix in The Six. SUBMITTED


My name is Micheline Wedderburn. I am the sole owner of Quad Spin, which is my passion. I have been spinning it seems like my whole life. I had a spin gym in California before opening Quad on King St. in 2002. My six fave things have a theme, as they all share a connection to my spinning community.”

1. El Ruddy (1371 Dundas St. W.): A best friend introduced me to this place, where they serve delicious food. It’s cozy and funky, and that's what (maybe) makes it great. The owners and staff are uber-friendly (Emily makes the best loaded nachos especially for me, I think). The menu is vegetarian/vegan, and did I mention that it’s all delicious? It’s affordable, and there are plenty of beers and drinks to choose from.

2. Steam Whistle Brewing (255 Bremner Blvd.): Owned by long-time Quad spinner Greg Taylor, he and his lovely wife Sybil are long-time supporters of Quad. They are a fixture of Quad special events and are huge original sponsors of the Ride to Conquer Cancer (the biggest event to fund cancer research). The good beer folks love to welcome you and your friends to come by the brewery for a tour and taste. Learn how Canada's premium pilsner is made, meet their friendly staff and enjoy a sample the beer. You'll learn why Steam Whistle was designated one of Toronto's ‘green buildings’ and about the railway history. The tours will educate and entertain!

3. Sweet Mango Sugaring (240 Queen St. W.): When she's not found sweating it out in my classes, this ‘Beaverbarber’ can be found at her shop in the heart of the city, saving the world from unwanted hair. Find out why men and women are switching from painful and outdated techniques of hair removal (such as waxing), and realizing the sweet truth about Sweet Mango. This product is 100% organic, all natural and completely safe (it’s even edible).

4. CutiePie Cupcakes & Co. (235 Spadina Ave.): CutiePie’s owner Melanie Abdullah is as cute as her cupcakes. I am in the spinning business and I do think about where to spend my calories. These mini-cupcakes and all of her sweet treats are made with the best ingredients. My favorite is crème brûlée. There is something about these tasty sculptures that are so worth it.

5. The Darling Mansion (224 Dovercourt Rd.): This Airbnb spot is like nothing you can ever imagine. This authentic Victorian mansion is the funkiest treasure chest of a venue. My spinner friend Evan Biddell was able to secure this venue as the home to my 50th birthday party.

6. Reposado Bar & Lounge (136 Ossington Ave.): This cozy tequila bar is friendly and inviting – so inviting, you feel like you can sit in the band. My spinner/designer friend Evan was able to convince the owner (a jazz musician) to perform with the smooth band at the Darling Mansion party on short notice and it was unforgettable.