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New parking permits on way - eventually

Your parking permit is in the mail. Maybe. Sometime. Soon? POSTMEDIA

Your parking permit is in the mail. Maybe. Sometime. Soon? POSTMEDIA

Are you a residential parking permit holder? Don't freak out if you're staring at that Nov. 30 expiry date on your current sticker and haven't received the new one yet - you'll have a grace period to change things up.

Vince Loffredi, supervisor of right-of-way management for City of Toronto, confirmed to 24 Hours that the delivery of renewal notices and permit stickers took longer than expected, because of a delay with the manufacturer used by the city.

The city sent out its own renewal notices last week, but not all residents have received them yet.

Customers now have until Dec. 12 to renew their permits, says Loffredi. Residents can renew their permits online or in person, and Loffredi says that the city will be mailing out paper confirmations, which drivers can use as interim permits.

"But keep your current-term permit that expires on Nov. 30," he adds. "Continue to display that on your windshield, until the new permit arrives in the mail."

24 Hours first heard about this issue in mid-October, when a city employee hinted that delays would likely be coming. Despite the headaches, Loffredi asserts the city won't be looking to change manufacturers.

"To be quite honest with you, I've been doing this since 2001, and things have gone so incredibly smooth throughout the years," he says. "There are bound to be hiccups with technology, postal strikes, etc. We did have a hiccup in 2005, where council decided to renew our fees, just before we had to mail out our renewal notices. So back then, there was a four-week delay. In this case, the delay is only a week or so."