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THE SIX: Katie Monks makes her picks

Katie Monks

Katie Monks sings for Toronto band Dilly Dally. (Submitted Photo)

Katie Monks sings for Toronto band Dilly Dally. (Submitted Photo)

Katie Monks sings for Toronto band Dilly Dally, who will be opening for Los Angeles rockers Grouplove at the Danforth Music Hall on Oct. 30. Here are her six favourite places in Toronto.

1. Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu (691 Bloor W.)

Probably my favourite place to get dinner alone in Toronto. Tasty stews, fast service and good when you need some heat and nutrition in your bod. Plus, the rice there is purple (whuddup).

2. Chosen Vintage (1599 Dundas W.)

Lots of love in this store. I got my soft, beautiful Mariah Carey T-shirt there, and my jean jacket with a gangsta version of Tweety Bird on the back ... 'nuff said.

3. Wenona Craft Beer Lodge (1069 Bloor W.)

Vibes. You want some vibes? Drinks? Meat?

GOOD meat? Lots of meat? Sneak into Wenona.

It sort of feels like you're at a rich person's cottage with all your best friends. So sweet. Plus, Jess who bartends there is a true goddess.

4. Candle Recording (221 Sterling Rd.)

I would live there if I could - but then Josh [Korody] would be like "Katie ... get the f--out I'm trying to work."

5. The Common (any of the three locations is good by me!)

Best coffee, best vibes, best service, best prices, and most importantly BEST CROISSANTS!

6. Paul's Boutique (69 Nassau St.)

My baby was born there. My guitar or whatever - used to be Andy's. Now when it's all f--ed up, I bring it back in, and it gets fixed with care and timing in mind. Everyone there is a pure sweetheart, super talented, and hard workers.