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Teens who watched 'Twilight' after murdering a mother and daughter face life sentences


Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

The two Twilight-obsessed teens that butchered a mother and daughter while they slept are facing life sentences after being found guilty in a U.K. courtroom.

The infamous teen killers – both 14 at the time of the murders and the youngest double murderers in U.K. history – stabbed Elizabeth Edwards, 49, and her daughter Katie, 13, with an eight-inch knife while they were sleeping in their home in Lincolnshire, England. They also slit their throats so they wouldn't scream, according to the BBC.

Following the brutal murder the duo ate cake and ice cream while watching the vampire flick Twilight, before having sex the U.K. Sun reports.

Jurors heard how the teens meticulously planned the murders and carried them out "to the letter," the BBC reports. The pair had also planned to commit suicide after the killings but didn't go through with it, court heard.

The boy pleaded guilty to two counts of murder, while the girl sought manslaughter charges, claiming to have not had the mental function for murder.

It only took the jury two hours and 30 minutes to unanimously find the girl guilty of both charges. The girl, wearing a black cardigan and black leggings, sobbed as the verdict was read.

The teens will officially be sentenced at a later date.