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THE SIX: Jaime Callica makes his picks

Guest Written by Jaime Callica

Jaime Callica. (Supplied Photo)

Jaime Callica. (Supplied Photo)

Toronto-born actor Jaime Callica's star is on a steady rise, as the charismatic performer continues to impress on both big and small screens. Fresh off a recurring role on the Fox series Wayward Pines, and a leading role in the feature film comedy The Perfect Pickup, Jaime recently announced a new recurring role on the second season of the CBC espionage crime drama, The Romeo Section.

1 Drupatis (1085 Bellamy Rd N. and others)

As a Trini, West Indian food is my favourite. Drupatis, by far, has some of the best roti and doubles I've ever had - and my Ma is a beast of a cook, so for me to say that, you know the food is good! A huge menu and friendly staff make Drupatis a must for anyone wanting to try some really good Trinidadian food. If you've never had "doubles," get some. Trust me!

2 Fring's (455 King St W.)

I'm probably Drake's biggest fan. I swear the man writes music just for me, it's so relatable. So when he paired up with renowned restaurateur Susur Lee, I knew I'd love it - bias excluded. The ambiance is just right, the staff is friendly and prompt and the food is always delicious. The menu is designed to order a couple of food options per person and share, so it can get a bit pricey, but well worth it. If it were owned by a 'nobody', Fring's would still be a must-try restaurant in the city. I'll forever go hoping to run into Drake, though. Not going to lie!

3 Thompson Hotel rooftop lounge (550 Wellington St W)

You need to stand up there just once to be completely enthralled by the 360-degree view of the city skyline and water. The menu is surprisingly reasonably priced for both food and drinks and it's always a well-dressed room with beautiful humans everywhere. Pack your bathing suit as well if you're into taking a little dip in the 40 some-odd foot infinity pool.

4 Blue Jays game (1 Blue Jays Way)

There's nothing better than heading to the game rocking my Jays snap-back, jersey and jeans. Grab a hot dog on the walk in, beers inside accompanied with cheering, doing the wave and the 7th inning stretch with thousands of supportive Jays fans. I'll never forget my first game as a kid where I caught a foul ball with my mouth and ended up meeting Pat Borders afterwards to get my ball signed. Greatest Jays experience ever - busted lip and all!

5 Red Lobster (311 King Street W. and others)

No matter what, I will forever love Red Lobster! I will go to other seafood restaurants in the city, both high-end and affordable, and at SOME point in the meal, I catch myself wishing I had just stuck to my gut and gone for my beloved biscuits and crab alfredo! Thank you Red Lobster for being a part of my childhood and adult life alike!

6 Canada's Wonderland (1 Canada's Wonderland Dr.)

Technically in Vaughan, but there's no scenario where I'm not going to Wonderland at least once or twice per season! Rides all day, footlong dogs in the afternoon and funnel cake to end the night properly. Wonderland is one of those places that simply makes you happy.