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Netflix and food: Streamed mussels?

By Sean Fitzgerald, 24 Hrs

For the return of Orange is the New Black, try some ramen noodles via Foodora.

For the return of Orange is the New Black, try some ramen noodles via Foodora.

Streaming hit Orange is the New Black returns for Season 4 this Friday, and we know you’ve already set aside a few weekend hours to spend with your couch, comfy pants, Netflix account and some delicious food.

Even though we’ve got OITNB to focus on this weekend, setting up a Netflix session can sometimes turn into a complicated, question-filled process: What TV show or movie do you want to watch tonight? What does your significant other want to watch? And what the heck are you eating tonight?

Thankfully, on-demand food delivery service foodora has decided to do all of us a favour, by providing a list of Toronto food options to pair with your favourite Netflix hits. We need some calories to power us through all of that binge-watching, right? Here’s the list:

Orange is the New Black – Kenzo Ramen: Since Piper Chapman uses ramen to pay off her fellow convicts in Season 3 – in exchange for modelling dirty panties to sell online – foodora is recommending the gourmet, authentic options at Queen St. W. restaurant Kenzo Ramen. Is it just us, or does it feel weird to have the words “dirty panties” and “gourmet” in the same sentence?

House of Cards – Smoque N Bones: Every time we watch the early seasons of House of Cards, Frank Underwood’s frequent visits to Freddy’s make us crave those tasty, fall-off-the-bone ribs. Since Freddy’s doesn’t exist, perhaps some glazed baby back ribs from local smokehouse Smoque N Bones will do the trick.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Hapa Izakaya: Detective Charles Boyle might be one of the most bumbling members of the New York Police Department, but he definitely knows his food. Since he’s always looking for edible treats with the “best mouth feel,” foodora recommends the deep-fried Halibut Risotto Balls from Japanese joint Hapa Izakaya.

Making a Murderer – Carmen’s Steak House: Alright, the connection between crime documentary series Making a Murderer and this steak restaurant in the Church and Wellesley area is a bit tenuous – foodora claims that since Steven Avery got “grilled” by cops, detectives and lawyers, you’ll probably enjoy the “grilled to perfection” steaks at Carmen’s. Still, that 10 oz. Canadian Prime Sirloin looks super tasty.