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THE SIX: The Darcys make their pix!

The Darcys say the Secret Downtown After Hours Bar is just like Narnia. Except, it doesn't exist.

The Darcys say the Secret Downtown After Hours Bar is just like Narnia. Except, it doesn't exist.


Toronto alt-pop duo Darcys will play their first live date in two years on May 25 at The Mod Club in Toronto for Red Bull Sound Select. Here are their top picks in the city - with the first three choices written by Wes Marskell, and the second half by Jason Couse.

1. Tacos El Asador: Your average taco place in the heart of Koreatown. Traditional: no fusion and nothing hip. The fish tacos are unbeatable and every bit as good as anything you'd get in Mexico. I'd like to use a bunch of emoticons to describe this place but I don't think you can print those so: Burrito, fire, peace sign, dancing girls, thumbs up, cat with heart eyes. Get the soup.

2. Spark Fresh Bar: Good coffee and clean food. A great place to go hungover and pretend you're reversing the effects of whatever you did the night before. A ginger shot cancels out 32 vodka sodas, right? That said, I think they just got a liquor licence so now I don't know how to feel about anything.

3. Laziza: Listen, I don't know what your thoughts are on late night shawarma but I once saw the owner of this place reopen his restaurant at 3 a.m. just to give an unbelievably wasted guy a free shawarma so he didn't die or spend the night in a flower pot.

4. Trinity Bellwoods Park: I actually find this park both overcrowded and overrated but there was a time I lost my phone and keys here very late one night and they were returned to me the next day by a very generous dog walker. Thanks Doug.

5. Early Bird Espresso Brew Bar: I drink coffee all over the city and a lot of my barista friends might be upset to hear this, but the brew coffee at Early Bird is consistently a cut above the rest.

6. Secret Downtown After Hours Bar: This is honestly the coolest place in the world and you have to go at least once in your life because the inside looks like Narnia and they have a horse you can feed. I once saw Andre 3000 there.

(Editor's note: The last place is fake. We knew it sounded too good to be true).