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Norm Kelly gear hits Toronto

By Sean Fitzgerald, 24 Hrs

Norm Kelly models a hat from Peace Collective.

Norm Kelly models a hat from Peace Collective.

It’s time for some Norm gear! If you’re looking to express your love for the city and help out new Torontonians at the same time – oh, and also continue the neverending fascination with Councillor Norm Kelly’s social media presence – then Peace Collective’s new line will speak to you.

You’ve definitely seen products from the Toronto-based lifestyle brand before. Remember those “Toronto vs. Everybody” T-shirts and sweatshirts that everyone was wearing during the Toronto Blue Jays playoff run last October? These guys are all about civic pride.

This week, they’ve launched a new video series called Canadian Built, which spotlights Canadians that are doing amazing things for the country. And they’ve enlisted the #6Dad for the first edition.

“In the last 10 or 15 years, Toronto has emerged as one of the premiere cities of the world,” says Kelly in the five-minute video. “The Toronto that I was born into was basically monocultural. Toronto’s multiculturalism has created a dynamic environment for creativity that is unparalleled in the world.”

Kelly also gives Drake and hip-hop music a shoutout in the clip.

“[With] the very exciting world of hip-hop/rap’ll find that many, and at times the majority, of the top songs or singers or producers are from the Toronto area,” he says. “Look out, world. Here comes Toronto!”

The clothing line – or “capsule”, as it’s called by Peace Collective – includes sweatshirt and t-shirt that say “Home is Toronto” and carry a little patch of the popular councillor. You can also purchase a hat with the Norm emblem on it.

All of the proceeds will be donated to WoodGreen, one of the largest social service agencies in Toronto, which will be using it for its Newcomer Youth Settlement Program, an initiative that helps to meet the needs of young people new to Canada. This could be your chance to help a few Syrian kids get access to language training.

If Norm Kelly merchandise sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve seen at least two different clothing lines already – We the Norm and #6Dad. We asked the councillor about the clothing lines in an interview last November.

“That’s a good example of that entrepreneurial spirit that I was describing,” he told 24 Hours. “I didn’t approach anybody. They came to me, two different groups came to me, and interestingly, a couple of older businesses came to me. And the one condition I placed on any cooperation was: The proceeds have to go to charity. And interestingly, again, the older companies didn’t call me back. But the young ones (said), ‘OK, fine! Let’s get into this. Let’s do it.’”