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Blizzard blows in scorching Joe Jonas

By Jane Stevenson, Postmedia Network

Joe Jonas and his new band DNCE are throwing fans a curveball with their soulful approach.

Joe Jonas and his new band DNCE are throwing fans a curveball with their soulful approach.

 There was a JoBro in Toronto but it had nothing to do with winter storm "Jonas" that pounded the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.


It was 26-year-old Joe Jonas, late of the sibling boy band Jonas Brothers, who arrived with his newish dance-pop quartet, DNCE (pronounced D-N-C-E), to play an intimate and acoustic Virgin Radio show at Casa Loma in front of 100 fans and then open for Kygo at the Enercare Centre.

"Comin' in hot," he jokingly tweeted of the Jonasnamed blizzard.

On Friday, he superimposed his face over Frozen's animated character Elsa with the words: "Here I come. #WinterStormJonas."

24 Hours caught up with the middle JoBro to talk his new band DNCE, who released their debut EP Swaay last October including the first single Cake By The Ocean, and what he makes of today's increased social media in light of his much-scrutinized love life (exes include Taylor Swift, Camilla Belle, Demi Lovato, Ashley Greene and Gigi Hadid).

What do you think of Casa Loma?

It's a little spooky. They're probably a few ghosts.

Will DNCE eventually produce and entire record and tour properly?

There are a few opportunities for us for summer touring. We're in Europe a little bit. We have this thing for Greece that we're doing. The album is coming out in summertime so we're just taking our slow time to finish it up.

The last time I spoke with you, we were backstage with your siblings Nick and Kevin at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre and you were about to go on stage (mere months before your 2013 breakup). Did you personally know then that DNCE was your next project?

It was something that took awhile for us to really decide on. For me it was creating music on my own, finding a different sound and taking my time with it and eventually just stumbled upon a cool little song (Cake By The Ocean). That was the first one that kick-jumped everything.

How do you view your boy band past now?

It's a pretty incredible run and over 10 years of doing it ... just enjoying every minute and learning a lot about myself and my music. It can be difficult growing up around the industry but we had good people around us. It helped we did it with family. It really showed me how much I loved music and in the time off especially. How I missed it. It feels good to be able to have a second chance again in this music industry.

Do you have a friendly sibling rivalry with your younger brother Nick, 23 who is doing so well as a solo artist, touring with Demi Lovato this summer, and getting respect as an actor (on TV's mixed martial arts drama Kingdom)?

It's very friendly. For us, we're just very supportive and happy that we all get this chance in music. He comes to our shows. We go to his shows.

And what is older brother Kevin, 29, doing these days?

He's focusing more now on his own career in app development and being a dad.

I heard that older acts ranging from Earth, Wind Fire to Hall Oates influenced DNCE's sound? How's that even possible given your age?

We all loved growing up listening to funk music whether it was (our) parents playing in the house or discovering it on our own and it was something that we all agreed on.

Kudos for having a female lead guitarist (South Korean-born JinJoo Lee, who previously played for Jordin Sparks) which seems fairly rare?

You don't (see it). And she is a total rock star and really gifted on stage.

You and your new band have your own Twitter handle. So is social media your friend?

I'm pretty active in it and I think it's a good way to reach an audience that sometimes you can't go toward to or be able to see that often.

And it wasn't really a factor when the Jo Bros started?

When I was first getting started in music, Twitter wasn't even a thing yet. Pretty unbelievable to see now that 10-12 years later we have multiple things that everyone is a part of and are happy to be able to join.

Does it ever feel too invasive, like if you're just going for a cup of coffee and fans take video and tweet about it or post it on Facebook?

I don't know if you ever get used to it but you get better with it and its something that comes with what I do and I'm never really trying to be behind a curtain. I don't try to hide what I'm up to so since I don't do that it makes it a lot easier.

Do you feel like you can have a private life away from it?

I live my life. And I'm really enjoying travelling and doing new adventures so I don't ever really turn it off. I love sharing my personal stuff. I think it's one way for fans to feel more connected to you. I think it's important. Your music is obviously a reflection of your personality, and your personal life, and I think social media is a great way to even evolve that into a closer relationship in a way with fans. I think there's a balance where you want to be able to have your private life that I think you're able to balance it. So far, so good.